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MSN Slide Max 2.3

MSN Slide Max is designed to make fantastic slideshows
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MSN Slide Max is an add-on for MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger that displays a picture slideshow instead of the default static profile picture. It also automatically resizes the pictures in order for those to be displayed properly and adds more images by enabling online search so that users don't have to use a web browser.

This utility is simple, and it seamlessly integrates into Microsoft’s instant messaging clients. With its clean interface everyone can learn how to use it easily. Aside from making a picture slideshow it also allows giving a personal name to any picture, and users can add a search keyword to every new picture for easier searching. MSN Slide Max also integrates an image editor that facilitates changing the size, brightness and contrast of pictures.

Finally the most important function of MSN Slide Max is that it gives the messenger the ability to provide each status with a certain picture or slideshow, so when the user decides to change a status, the picture will change correspondingly.

Unlike Messenger Plus, with MSN Slide Max users can use animated images, get more pictures and modify them without effort.

Max Santillana
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  • Online pictures
  • Resizes pictures automatically
  • Adds text to pictures


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